Yoni Crystals are precious stones, rare in nature and carefully selected for their energetic healing qualities. Our crystals are safe for internal use, sustainably sourced, hand-carved, polished and blessed to ensure the best for you and your yoni. 


crystal minerals

Choosing the mineral you would like to work with is just as important as the intention you cast. 


Star Rose Quartz

Energetics: Unconditional love, self-trust, compassion, nurturing, peace and feminine energy. The asterisms (luminous 6-pointed star) emanates a vibration that’s excellent for healing emotional wounds. From Madagascar.

This mineral can help you:

  • Access a state of unconditional love
  • Release anger, resentment, jealousy, heartbreak
  • Find forgiveness
  • Feel a strong sense of self-love, self-worth and self-trust

Nephrite Jade

Energetics: Beauty, purity, grace and good fortune. Jade is a powerful cleansing stone that radiates protection, trust, love and harmony. This mineral was used in traditional Jade Egg taoist practices.  From Canada.

This mineral can help you:

  • Access a sense of calm and well-being
  • Transmute negative energy into positive energy
  • Open and heal your heart chakra
  • Enjoy emotional and balance and stability
  • Experience a nurturing sense of support
Egg Rainbow Obsidian 1.jpg


Energetics: A protective stone associated to the root chakra and deep womb cleansing. Great for grounding and deep healing, transforms negativity and protects against psychic attacks. Assists with the stomach, intestines, muscle tissue, tonifying the kidneys and can rid one of bacterial or viral infections. From Mexico.

This mineral can help you:

  • Make the unconscious conscious
  • Get in touch with buried issues before they explode
  • Sharpens & focuses internal & external visions
  • Clear old energy/past lovers from the womb space

She was powerful,
not because she wasn’t scared
but because she went on so strongly,
despite the fear.
— Atticus